Lets Go Local Terms & Conditions


  1. Glossary of Terms
  2. Lets Go Local Services
  3. Payment of Contract, Other Services and Direct Debit Guarantee Renewals, Refunds and Termination of Contract.
  4. Change to Site Content
  5. Limitation of Liability
  6. Data Use and Confidentiality
  7. Your Promise
  8. Indemnity
  9. Complaints Procedure
  10. Changes to Terms and Conditions

These conditions govern the use of the services of Local Lifestyle Limited, the company responsible for http://www.letsgolocal.co.uk and it is recommended they are read thoroughly prior to agreement as they affect the local service provider's rights and any liabilities under the law.

1. Glossary of Terms

The terms and expressions below have the following respective meaning:

  1. "The local service provider or LSP" means the business registering to use the services provided by Lets Go Local.
  2. "The company" is Lets Go Local and is responsible for the running of "the media".
  3. "The media" is the coverage provided by "the company" and will be in the form of via the website, http://www.letsgolocal.co.uk, newsletters, flyers and promotional materials of the services provided by "the local service providers".
  4. "The agreement" is the contract between "the local service provider" and "the company".
  5. "The card holders" are recipients of the loyalty card provided by the company that offers the services of "the local service providers" via "the media2.
  6. "The profile or the copy" is the information provided for "the media" from "the local service providers".

2. Lets Go Local Services

"The media" services and details of "the agreement":

  1. "The LSP" will supply all the art wotk and advertising matter for "the media" once the agreement has been signed by both the LSP and "the company".
  2. No copy will be placed on the media until the copy has been approved by both parties.
  3. The company will add the copy to the media once payment the agreement has been accepted.
  4. The agreement will last for 12 months from the agreement date and, unless a further agreement is made within 14 days, all details will be removed from the media. New copy will be required if the LSP re-registers after this time period.
  5. e. Any changes to the copy thereafter must be made in writing, or by email and the LSP will receive confirmation that the company will make the changes within three working days upon confirmation of change.
  6. The agreement allows up to 400 words, two photographs and a company logo related to the LSP and its services and this can be changed at any time in accordance with item 2.e. In addition contact name, telephone number, email addresses (up to two) and a web address are listed at the discretion of the LSP.
  7. All offers/discounts/special offers made by the LSP must be honoured if advertised in the media. This can be changed at any time in accordance with item 2.e.
  8. The copy is accepted in good faith as a fair representation of the LSP and the services it provides. The company accepts no responsibility for product misrepresentation and if it is deemed that the LSP cannot deliver the services offered to the cardholder their copy may be taken from the media and the agreement terminated with no refunds offered.
  9. Should a LSP change ownership as long as they stay within the "how do I qualify" conditions the agreement will still be honoured for the original duration. Trading details and any new company information must be received within 14 days OF ANY CHANGES.
  10. Any disagreement between the LSP and the cardholders regarding their services are in no way the responsibility of the company and must be resolved between the parties involved.

3. Payment of Contact, Other Services and Direct Debit Guarentee Renewals, Refunds and Terminations of Contract

  1. Payment of the "early bird" agreement price will become due for payment within 14 days of receipt of the invoice by the method of payment agreed between the company and the LSP.
  2. Should payment not be received within the 14 days the company has the right to retract the early bird agreement price and charge a one off £10 joining fee.
  3. Payments can be made by either direct debit/standing order, cash or by cheque. Credit card payments are not currently accepted.
  4. If payment is by direct debit/standing order, you will be informed of your renewal date not less than 20 days prior. If the company does not receive written notice of cancellation the payment will be processed for a further 12 months and therefore not refunded.
  5. Should a payment need to be represented there will be an admin charge of £25 each time this is necessary.
  6. The direct debit guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies. The efficiency and security of the scheme is monitored and protected by your own bank or building society.
  7. Should the agreement prices change the notice period of such is as per item 10.
  8. If an error is made by the company or the LSP's bank or building society the LSP will be guaranteed a full and immediate refund from the LSPs bank or building society for the amount paid.
  9. Direct debits can be cancelled at any time by writing to your bank or building society; however this does not cancel the agreement between the customer and the LSP.
  10. Should an LSP cease to trade if 30 days notice is given a pro rata refund of the agreement price less a £10 administration charge will be offered. Proof of the LSP ceasing to trade will be necessary in all cases.
  11. The agreement prices are all exclusive of VAT and will be chargeable at the prevailing rate.
  12. Once the agreement has been signed and all services paid for no refunds will be offered except in extreme circumstances and rest at the total discretion of the company.

4. Changes To Site Content

  1. The company has the right to change the format of the media to improve its services at any time and will inform the LSP's not less than 30 days prior to any changes made.

5. Limitation of Liability

  1. The company does not limit or exclude liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence by an LSP.
  2. The company gives no warranty in relation to the provision of services by LSP's and the responsibility of such lies solely with the LSP.

6. Data Usage and Confidentiality

  1. The LSP hereby agrees that the company will collect all personal data supplied by the LSP and use it in accordance with the terms and conditions and will not pass on to a third party any details not part of the copy without the consent of the LSP.
  2. Referrals of any kind, either business to business or business to consumer by the company will only be based on the information provided by the LSP.

7. The LSP's Promise of the Copy/Profile Content "The Company"

By signing the agreement the LSP agrees to:

  1. Its content not to be defamatory, obscene, offensive, hateful or harmful of any person or business.
  2. Its content will not promote discrimination in any format be it race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, disability or age.
  3. Its content will not infringe any copyright, trade mark database rights of any other person or business.
  4. Its content will not incite, advocate or promote any third party to commit or assist in any criminal activity.
  5. Its content will not disclose the name or personal details in respect of any individual apart from as agreed on the copy content.
  6. Its content will comply with all applicable law.

8. Indemnity

  1. The LSP will remain solely responsible for the content of the copy/profile they submit. The company does not accept any liability in respect for any copy or illustrations supplied by the LSP and hereby the LSP agrees to indemnify the company against any outstanding claim costs and demands arising there from.

9. Complaints Procedure

  1. Any complaint of the services provided by the company for the LSP or any part thereof must be in writing and will be replied in writing within 5 working days. Please address the letter to Complaints, Letsgoloal.co.uk, 90 Market Street, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 1AP.

10. Changes to Terms and Conditions

  1. The company has the right to change the pricing of the services offered at any time. All LSP's will be notified of any changes not less than 30 days prior to any tariff increases or amendments.
  2. The company may change the term and conditions for regulatory or legal reasons and any changes will be notified to you via email or post at least 7 days prior to the amendment.