Guest Contributor Kevin Cordes

North West Leicestershire Council already have a door-step collection for domestic cardboard, but those with their eye on the high street, and who work in retail will know that at present there is not a cardboard recycling scheme.

The current situation for retailers is that they can either have bulky expensive boilers on the premises, recycle through private contractors or disposal at landfill sites with their general waste. The former is used by the multiples such as Somerfield as part of their company environmental policy, whereas the latter is commonly used by the independents due to the cost implications of recycling. However, there is a glimmer of optimism, but not until April.

NWLC will be running a trial cardboard collection in a few Coalville Streets, using a transit van, and they will analyse the contents to see how the scheme should proceed. At present the NWLC recycling team are dealing with the imminent roll out of the domestic glass collection scheme, although as glass weighs more than cardboard and the landfill tax is based on weight this may explain why cardboard has been a low priority.

For those of you who like Excel, then log onto to see what NWLC and Leicestershire County Council recycled and land filled during 2006-7. LCC collected 375,434 tonnes of waste; land filled 227,375 tonnes and recycled/composted 146,972 tonnes. Not bad, but could do better.

Good news at the revamped Lount Tip, all types of wood can now be recycled so ignore their new sign saying no to chipboard, laminates and MDF.

For further information, please contact NWLC Refuse and Recycling Section on 01530 454575 or log onto and navigate to the Refuse and Recycling page.

For information on Lount and Coalville recycling centres, please call 0116 3057240 or e-mail

LetsGoLocal The Local Environment matters.

The green factor

Reducing your carbon footprint and conscious shopping are just two terms banded around in the national and local media and with good reason as although the government, the local councils and local businesses have a commitment to "doing their bit" to be as environmentally friendly as possible and develop green projects and initiatives it is also the responsibility of all of the local residents to play their part in this too.

LetsGoLocal are no different and as you may have seen in the about us section has a commitment to the environment in as many ways as it possibly can. By providing a paper free directory and an ever growing list of local service providers will have an impact in how we shop and reduce our carbon footprints in the process. Using local service providers instead of national service providers for your every day needs makes sense in so many ways

  • It reduces your carbon footprint by not travelling too far, if at all, to meet your requirements whether it be for business or for pleasure. There is a wealth of quality service providers in your local area that can offer the same product if not a better one at competitive prices and with that local quality of service and attention to detail you can be sure your expectations will be met and probably surpassed.
  • It reduces their carbon footprint. By using local services it also reduces their driving distances for delivery that not only reduces the carbon emissions but also will have an impact on road usage which in turn can only be good for the environment.
  • Sustaining a thriving local economy encouraging economic regeneration and development. Having a local economic community that is creating more business and jobs in the area prevents the local population having to travel further to work and means you do not have to travel further afield to find the services you require.

LetsGoLocal will be having "guest" writers and articles from business, local government, retail and you the consumer each month educating us all in the latest initiatives and developments under the umbrella of the environment and the issues that concern not just us in the local area but our children and their offspring too.

If you have anything you would like to share with LetsGoLocal and the residents and businesses within then please pass on your comments and details via the contact us section and head it letsGoLocal and the Environment.

As a starter please see listed below some web sites that although LetsGoLocal is not responsible for its content agree with its principles and therefore encourage you to learn more about how we can all have an impact on environmental issues in our area. - wasted food is a waste of money and a major contributor to climate change

All the local council web sites have useful pages on their sites and often who to contact on environmental issues in your local area and if you look hard enough you can find their environmental policies and targets too.

Reading local council literature such as the NWLeics Vision magazine: - interesting articles on composting and the like and if you want to receive their newsletter for free and paper less then send an email to - Britain's original environmental show home in Western park Leicester. Something different every time. - Insulation, insulation, insulation. Did you know that by installing 270mm of loft insulation you can save up to 15% from your heating bills?

We send over 744 million Christmas cards each year in the UK alone, why not send an e-card instead, but if you must then don't forget to recycle your cards. The woodlands trust has many drop off bins in shops in your area.

With Christmas in mind provides about 8 million trees a year from sustainably grown British woodland or sells baby Christmas trees that may be too small for this year or even the next but have fun watching it grow and use it year after year. will tell you the nearest place to recycle your tree and let others know. Less than 1/3 of the trees are recycled creating a further 9000 tons of waste.

Shop locally for your food and drink and reduce your food miles. On average the turkey and all its trimmings rack up over 49,000 food miles and because we always buy too much create over 23,000 tons of food waste.